The Age of Enlighteneers

And some other Ages, with lots of art and short bursts of energy. Enjoy!

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  1. One day I am going to stop being lazy and actually finish the comic I have lying around. In the meantime, I offer a couple of book recs for your viewing pleasure (and to keep this place alive)! They are a pair: Signing Their Lives Away and Signing Their Rights Away. Packed with mini bios of the men who signed the Declaration and the Constitution. They are both fun books, quirky from the awesome Quirk Books, and the book jackets FOLD OUT into the Declaration and Constitution just for your history nerd joy! These books are good for the general reader wanting an introduction to the people and times of 1776 and 1787, but of course, they are just as enjoyable for the history nerd as well :] And if you already have them? You are awesome.

    On a sidenote, I am going to have to close requests for the time being; I actually didn’t think I’d get so many! So now it is just a matter of picking and choosing which ones I feel like doing first. I shall be sure to give a shout-out whenever I post one and give credit for a comic idea that was suggested to me. In any case, all your suggested history tidbits in my inbox make me happy; there are some events and people that I get to learn more about which is always the best!

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