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  1. Your comic about Jacques Louis David and young Napoleon is SO so similar to a kate beaton comic it hurts my brain. The layout, facial expresions, lettering! it just looks like you coloured in one of hers, but with no link or reference to her I am wondering if you are just bad at crediting others or if you are activly ripping her off.... This seems to happen frequently in your newer one-off comics. You are a good artist, whats going on?
    asked by deadfromtheback

    Hi there; I wanted to answer this publicly because I think it’s important for everyone to know this as well (if they don’t already): I love Kate Beaton. She’s brilliant and an amazing inspiration and I love her work. If it’s the similarity between our styles of humor, then yes, that would be because she has had an effect on my own sense of humor and how I see things. If that is what’s upsetting you, then I’m sorry you dislike my hobby of making comics about history too.

    If it’s a change in the art style, then I’m sorry that upsets you as well; comics can be tedious work and I simplified mine out of necessity for time. If they look like hers it will be because it’s her influence creeping in again. Artists are sponges as I am sure you know; we absorb things and there is not much I can do to change that. If you were hoping I would own up to having Kate Beaton as an influence, then yes, I will gladly state again that she is an influence to me. And I have got many others as well like Brett Helquist, Scott C., Mary Blair, Edward Gorey, Shinzi Katoh…too many to list in this little box whose styles I use as examples and inspiration.    

    However, I absolutely, most certainly, do not lift any of her drawings or comics, color them, and then claim them as my own. I do not copy any dialogue. Kate Beaton has got a very distinct style that is very much hers and I like it that way. I purposely try to stay away from particular history subjects she covers because she already does such a great job already. But I’ve combed through her website and both her books and I haven’t seen her cover Jacques-Louis David before. If you have a link to that comic, I would love to see it since it seems I’ve missed her do one of my favorite artists. And if I still make your brain hurt then I can rescan my original inked panels and send those to you along with the Photoshop files with unmerged layers if you wish.

    Plagiarism is a serious thing; I understand your suspicions since, with the Internet, people can pretty much do anything. But I am not taking Kate Beaton’s work and claiming it as my own. I don’t know how else to prove that other than sending the files to you and re-iterating everything I’ve already said.

    1. time-out-of-life said: Feh. Silly skeptics.
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