The Age of Enlighteneers

And some other Ages, with lots of art and short bursts of energy. Enjoy!

Caution: sporadic updates

History Comic Chaos!

Inky Art Chaos!



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  1. Moar answers!

    Hallo! susiebox, shadow-pop, the-vorpal-pen, sugarrainy, and devils-grass

    These replies are like the White Rabbit, just late, late, late for a very important date. I am sorry!

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  2. Ansewerers

    Hey there omnivorousstegosaurus, pennants-aloft, therothwoman, therothwoman, and nota-lone!

    AAAAH I am sorry these replies are so late, but replies I have!

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  3. More hallos for some more lovelies

  4. Why hallo!

    aniskywolfgyrengimbleimanapricot, and bribee, answers all for you!

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  5. Answers answers!

  6. :D Hallo thar

  7. Hallo, hallo

  8. Some zesty answers to go with your tasty history?

  9. A wax museum, a lovely lady, and Drunk History, oh my!

  10. History nerdiness. Forever. YES.

    stuff-and-shenanigans, thedoctorshufflepuff (who also saw a Lafayette wax figure! let me just…I need to squee under the cut), psychadelicpose, bobilikehobos I salute you all!

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